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Body Built By Boyland

Built in 8- Lifestyle Program

Built in 8- Lifestyle Program

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Your day to day life revolves around your loved ones, work, favorite foods, travel plans, stressors and celebrations. Built in 8 Lifestyle takes all of this into consideration . Together we formulate new methods & behaviors that become sustainable habits and routines. You’ll navigate 8 phases beginning with achieving your physique goals thru how to live the lifestyle and keep your results. We call this WOE (Way of Eating & Exercising). 

During your consultation you’ll discuss what style of training: Built in 8 or Built to Move is the best approach for your goals.

Here are Q&A to our Most Often Asked Questions: 

Q: What are the class times for Built in 8 Lifestyle Program? 
 A: Monday-Thursday 6:30-7:30 a ET & 6:30-7:30 p ET
Q: What are the live workout cycles? Is this every week? 
 A: We operate with a DELOAD w...
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